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From the Journées Hubert Curien to Science and You
The first international event for scientific culture, Science and You, was held in Nancy (France) in June 2015. This event, which was organized by the University of Lorraine, brought together approximately 1,000 experts in the field of scientific culture from 35 different countries. This event was held as part of the Journées Hubert Curien (Hubert Curien Days) which first began in 2005.
The conference program focused on the ongoing development of scientific and technical cultural development and included the Sciences & Culture Forum which was open to the general public. This event allowed various actors to meet and exchange best practices for scientific mediation throughout the world.
What if Science and You came to North America?
After the success of the first event, and with a view to prolonging the experience, the University of Lorraine approached the Association francophone pour le savoir – ACFAS to organize a North American edition of the event. The challenge was: to actively extend the conversations and discussions focusing on best practices within the scientific cultural community that emerged after the first Science and You conference, while attracting new participants on the other side of the Atlantic. Acfas was delighted to accept the challenge. Thus developed the Journées internationales de la culture scientifique which will be held from May 4 to May 6, 2017, at McGill University in Montreal.