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Science & Fiction Workshop

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Science & Fiction Workshop

Inspired by the original approach of Arts/Sciences initially implemented a few years ago in my company, Les Sens des mots, this workshop invites participants to examine scientific questions through the lenses of fiction and drama.
The process is simple: share in a few minutes with a peer (workshop participant) the biggest highlight of your scientific career or experience related to science.
Then each person will repeat what he or she has learned from his or her peer following specific instructions (revealed at the beginning of the workshop). Each person will then have the freedom of repeating the other person’s story truthfully or not! The audience will be invited to determine if the speaker is honest or not.

Through this activity participants will discover “techniques” for sharing ideas, writing and speaking, and test their imagination in relation to a scientific question, thus enabling another type of mediation and communication. This workshop is effective, creative and fun.


Thibault Rossigneux, Artistic Director of the french theatre company les sens des mots (the meanings of words) and creator of binôme, Theatre & Science shows
Thibault is an actor, director and author. Around transdisciplinary projects, he founds cie les sens des mots "the senses of words" in 2009. By taking an interest in contemporary writing, the latter tends to decompartmentalize disciplines and genres to widen the field of vision of a theater often egocentric.

Perrine Roux, Researcher in public health at Inserm (the french national institute of health and medical research) who took part in binôme in 2016

Kevin Keiss, French Theater Writer who took part in binôme in 2016