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Why use social networks in science?

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Scientific events, research, and journalism have an increasing public interest online, but how can you use social media to share your scientific message effectively?
Learn how to develop and evolve a social media strategy by defining your audience and the social networks that best appeal to your desired demographic(s). Challenges, best practices, time management, and evaluation of success will be discussed.


Charlotte Armstrong, Community Manager - Science Borealis, Outreach Assistant - Laurier Centre for Women in Science, Boss - Nerd Nite Kitchener-Waterloo, Regional Coordinator - The Planetary Society Waterloo.
Charlotte Armonstrong wants the world to learn and works tirelessly to contribute to the global knowledge economy by making science accessible to the public.

Jesse Rogerson, Social Media Manager - Science Borealis.
Jesse Rogerson is an avid science communicator, particularly in the fields of astronomy, aviation, and space sciences. He received his PhD in Astrophysics from York University in 2016. While there, he contributed heavily to the education and public outreach programming at the University’s Observatory. Jesse also spent five years at the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto, including working as the Centre's Researcher/Programmer for Astronomy and Space Sciences. He is currently the Science Advisor at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum.